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  Hi! I’m Heather 

Whether your business is brick and mortar, you’re an established brand or you’re an entrepre-newbie (not a word, I made that up), a strong marketing strategy is a necessity to reach – and keep – your dream clients.

Everyone is working virtually (not to be confused with virtually working).  This means the online market is a key player in how you’re doing business right now.  If not, it should be.

As a certified funnel copywriter, I provide strategy for your marketing that is based on a true understanding of your business and what your mission is.

I connect with your goals to reach your ideal customers – discovering their needs and helping you meet those needs better than anyone else.  This is how effective copy creates profit.

My Services


The money is in the list and this is still true.  The key is nurturing your list and providing value that converts for you.


Don’t let the word scare you.  This is less about whirlwinds and more about the power behind optimizing your services with many options to choose from.


From bios to landing pages to video scripts, the options are endless and so are the opportunities for your ROI.

About Me

“Prison Warden Turns Copywriter”.  It’s a great headline, isn’t it?  Turns out, the skills that brought me great success and respect in corrections are the very skills that are a must for a copywriter. 

I earned a reputation for having an uncanny ability to identify the heart of the matter, unquestionable integrity and follow-through.  

I was born with a profound way with words, and perhaps most importantly, a purpose and passion for helping others.  I’ve been lucky to combine these into a career as an English teacher, a media liaison and yes, even a prison warden.  

As a certified funnel copywriter and proofreader, I have found my sweet spot where passion and purpose come together.

What I bring to the table is a unique blend of experience you won’t find elsewhere:

The red pen of the English teacher

The professionalism of the Warden

The keen eye of the proofreader

Whether you need a sleek and effective bio, an engaging landing page, or a compelling email sequencel can guide you and your business through a successful marketing package that is built on the foundation of what matters to you and your audience.

Recent Work

How does a Marine with two Purple Hearts fare working in a women’s prison?  Find out on page 15 of INside Corrections.

If you want to see me in action “behind bars”, check out this episde from Breaking Down the Bars from OWN.  You’ll find me at 27:00.

Being a Public Information Officer is more than just media releases.  Find out what it’s like to produce a documentary inside a prison on page 8.

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Fun Facts and Testimonials

Coordinating these productions included  collaborations with  production companies including 44blue, Plum Pictures and RAW.

“Production is a unique business, but Heather made things run smoothly!  She was able to dig in and understand the vision while blending the voices of all involved and the end result was phenomenal!”

~Charlotte C.

While working as a media liaison in corrections, I was featured in multiple documentaries like this one on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

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